NZ Defensive Driving Course for Young Drivers

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Earn time reduction to gain your full car licence earlier.

Learn how to competently manage safety and risk on our roads ... everytime you get behind the wheel. 

  • DDC details

    This NZTA approved course is for young drivers to learn A LOT about driving safety and managing risk on the road - all done in an interactive and super supportive fun learning environment. Upon completion, students can also gain their full licence earlier. A very experienced mentor, Debbie facilitates the DDC on a monthly basis throughout the year. DDC can also be delivered at your venue - just enquire for further info.


    June 2019 DDC dates + timings:

    Session 1:  Thurs 20th June (6pm-8pm)

    Session 2:  Mon 24th June (6pm-8pm)

    Session 3:  Thurs 27th June (6pm-8pm)

    Session 4:  Mon 1st July (6pm-8pm)

    Session 5:  In-Car Driving Assessment (organised with DDC Instructor                        and completed within 60 days from Session 4)


    St Stephens Hall, situated at 290 North Road (corner of Ruru Street), Waikiwi, Invercargill - south of the Bainfield Road traffic lights. There is plenty of parking on Ruru Street. Building entrance is off North Road, come inside and take the first door on the left. 


    Must Do's:

    -  bring your DRIVERS LICENCE to every session

    -  be ON TIME, ready to learn and willing to contribute with an open mind 

    -  ATTEND every session in order, as shown above

    -  ACTIVELY participate and COMPLETE all preparation tasks given by         your DDC Instructor 

    -  any driver can do this course at any stage of their licence

    -  let your Instructor know PRIOR to start date if any further support is         needed during the DDC


    Important Note: non-participation and non-completion of any tasks set will not earn a completion certificate and no refund. 


    DDC Total Cost: 

    $190.00 - prepay prior to course start to confirm your place.


    Terms + Conditions:

    Please read our T&C's prior to submitting your DDC application as your enrolment is taken as full acceptance of our T&C's. 


    Further query?

    Feel free to contact Debbie on cellphone: 0223544184 anytime. Leave a message if busy driver training and she will get back to you.

  • Terms & Conditions

    1.  Services are provided strictly on a PRE-PAID basis only. Prices   quoted are subject to change without notice.
    2.  Drivers Licence is to be carried by the driver at all times [failing to   bring drivers licence to every appointment will invalidate the training   session and full service fees will apply for that session] NO REFUND.
    3.  All vehicles supplied by clients MUST be roadworthy when presenting   for a training session, which includes current Warrant of Fitness (and   is up to WOF standard) plus current vehicle licence label:

         -  should a vehicle be presented to a training programme and found              to be defective/un-roadworthy/no WOF/unlicensed, the training                session will be cancelled, NO REFUND. Another booking may be              made but this will be at additional cost to the student.  

         -  any vehicle provided by a client MUST have current vehicle and                 driver insurance & must be authorised to drive this vehicle, if not the           owner.

         -  any vehicle provided by the client for training is done so at the                   student’s own risk and agrees that Debbie Does Driving authorised           Instructor is exempt from and does not accept any responsibility for           any damage and/or injury caused to the student and/or student’s               vehicle and/or property, and/or to any other person and/or other               vehicle and/or other property.

    4.  No training will be provided to anyone who presents and appears to         be suffering from effects of fatigue or the influence of alcohol/drugs, or       other medication or substance likely in the opinion of the Debbie Does       Driving Instructor to affect their ability to control a motor vehicle:

         -  in any such cases full service fees will apply, NO REFUND.   

    5.  Cancelling booked lessons/assessments (not including DDC In-Car           assessments):

         -  NO LESS THAN 24 hours’ NOTICE (must be done directly with                Instructor otherwise the booked training session is forfeited and NO          REFUND is given).

    6.   Cancelling enrolment for Learner Car Licence Programme:

          -  NO LESS THAN 14 calendar days’ NOTICE (directly with Instructor           otherwise training forfeited, NO REFUND).

    7.   Cancellation of individual participant booking on Defensive Driving              Course For Young Drivers (not including Experienced Drivers DDC):

          -  NO LESS THAN 14 calendar days’ NOTICE (directly with Instructor           otherwise training forfeited. NO REFUND).

          -  should an individual substitution be put forward by the client                     cancelling, who meets criteria and acceptable to the DDC                         Instructor, a refund may be given. In any event only when arranged           prior to DDC start date.

    8.   Cancelling Defensive Driving Course In-Car assessments:

          -  NO LESS THAN 48 hours’ NOTICE (directly with Instructor                        otherwise training forfeited, NO REFUND)

          -  another booking may be arranged by client but will incur normal full           assessment fee to the student, as determined by DDC Instructor               should a substitution be put forward by the client cancelling (who is           able to use this appointment, meets criteria and is acceptable to               the DDC Instructor), then the client cancelling may re-book at no               additional cost. In any event, DDC Instructor’s discretion.

    9.   Cancellation of Defensive Driving Courses for Experienced Drivers              (DDED) including corporate:

          -  NO REFUND: less than 30 calendar days’ notice of cancellation                 prior to start date

          -  50% REFUND: 30-60 calendar days’ prior to start date

          -  90% refund: more than 60 calendar days’ prior to start date                       (note that an admin fee will be charged).

    10.  The Learner Car Licence Programme, Defensive Driving Courses &           Advanced Crash Avoidance Programmes are facilitated by Debbie             Does Driving when sufficient numbers are obtained for each:

           -  should there be insufficient numbers Debbie Does Driving reserves             the right to postpone start date until sufficient numbers obtained .

    11.  Cancellation of booking on INSIGHT3 Driving Offender Programme:

           - NO REFUND: less than 14 calendar days’ prior to start date.

    12.  Cancellation of booking on ACAP Advanced Crash Avoidance                   Programme:

           -  NO REFUND: less than 30 calendar days’ prior to start date, full                 course fees apply, but individual substitutions who meet criteria                 are acceptable, only prior to start.

           -  50% REFUND: 30-60 calendar days’ notice prior to start date.

           -  90% REFUND: more than 60 calendar days’ prior to start (note                   an admin fee will be charged).

    13.  NZQA Unit Standards:unit standard(s) may also be gained but this             is at additional cost to the client:

           -  to be discussed with Instructor prior to commencement of training.

    14.  Services are provided on a carefully planned time schedule and any 

           lateness to scheduled training will decrease the amount of time                 available to undergo planned training:

           -  clients arriving later than 15 minutes for booked LESSON /                        ASSESSMENT (not including In-Car DDC assessment) will                        invalidate this booking, NO REFUND. A future booking can be                    made but at additiional cost to client. 

           -  clients arriving AFTER the actual booked appointment time for an 

              IN-CAR DDC ASSESSMENT will invalidate the booking, NO                      REFUND.

          -  clients arriving AFTER the scheduled start time for the learner car              licence programme, defensive driving course and advanced crash            avoidance programme WILL NOT BE ADMITTED AND NO                        REFUND GIVEN, but can rebook onto another programme at                    client’s own additional cost.

    15.  Damage caused to Debbie Does Driving vehicles during any training         including the practical restricted and full licence driving tests with the         Testing Officer:

           -  is the responsibility of the driver causing the damage, therefore full            repair costs are to be paid for by that driver, as soon as possible      16.  All applicant details supplied to Debbie Does Driving are to be                   correct.

    17.  Information supplied by students will remain property of and be                 confidential to Debbie Does Driving, in accordance with provisions of         The Privacy Act 1993.





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